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The InnerGuidance Network (IGN) offers services, which promote the full and unique expression of each human being--personally and professionally.  Organizations and relationships benefit when their members feel good about themselves and live meaningful and joyful lives.  Reciprocally, individuals sustain their personal growth and resilience when they take full responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings and actions, and support an environment where everyone is allowed and encouraged to express themselves genuinely. 

     IGN provides services that are rooted in a holistic view of life (body, mind and spirit), and promotes a state of alert mindfulness, which transcends the egoic consciousness. IGN supports individuals and organizations in manifesting extraordinary results.  It's time to shine.



The InnerGuidance Network offers five distinctive, yet overlapping services.  These services aim to assist individuals and organizations to gracefully and swiftly overcome challenges in the areas of mental health, human relations, and/or Human Resources.

Training   -   Therapy   -    Life Coaching    -    Consulting    -     Member Support





The InnerGuidance Network offers a variety of trainings, workshops, and presentations. They are organized by IGN and third party educational or professional organizations for open enrollment, or can be booked as in-company trainings/presentations. Itís best to check the website for more details, dates, locations, and Continuing Education Credits.  The cornerstone workshops/presentations are:




We all remember moments in our lives when we got stuck in feelings of anger, sadness, resentment, disillusion, loss, or lack of direction.  TransEgo Therapy (TET) is brief outcome focused psychotherapy. It celebrates the spiritual nature of the client and his/her life's mission. TET, which is offered in person or over the phone, is focused on creating positive change within three to four sessions. TET transitions seamlessly into TransEgo Life Coaching.



goal setting3




If you know what you want and would like the support of a Life Coach, try TransEgo Life Coaching. Master level clinicians and Certified Life Coaches are available to partner with you in a step-by-step process of identifying and manifesting specific goals.





The InnerGuidance Network teams up with organizations and businesses that are interested in improving their productivity and quality of work, as well as reducing employee turnover. IGN suggests and implements measures, which aim to create a respectful and creative work environment, decrease workplace drama, and improve effective communication and overall work satisfaction.     

IGN engagements may vary from a single brainstorming session to a 3-month intervention with workshops, team meetings, and individual coaching. Additionally, brief psychotherapy by phone can be offered to staff, possibly as part of the Employee Assistance Program.    



The InnerGuidance Network offers its members support to increase their physical and mental wellbeing, and manifest meaningful and joyful lives.  The educational and supportive services consist of several elements:

A. The annual IGN handbook: 2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal


This 164-page book is created to be an easy reference and a daily companion for InnerGuidance Network members. It gives a synopsis of the twelve principles of Spirits Onymous, and it coaches you toward your desired personal and/or professional goals. The accompanying on-line course is FREE. More info. 


B. Spirits Onymous E-course

The Spirits Onymous course is offered free of charge at this website. Click on "the Village" to register. The on-line campus is frequently updated, offers streaming audio and video programs, guided meditations, message boards and links to related content. Every week, InnerGuidance Network members receive an email with a short text to contemplate and an invitation to read the course material.

C. The Village


The InnerGuidance Network website offers an interactive environment where members communicate and interact with one-another. The InnerGuidance Network E-Village offers a location where kindred Spirits support each other in increasing their vibrational energy and in aligning themselves with their purpose. The Village provides a dynamic environment where open-minded individuals from all areas of the world meet and create relationships. People join or start groups, dialogue about the Spirits Onymous principles in chat rooms, become peer-coaches, set up local meetings, promote their own holistic services, and more. Click on "the Village" to register.

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