Rejuvenation for Body and Mind  

Would you like to enjoy a deep sleep
and wake up refreshed?

This 35-minute guided meditation assists you with getting a good night's rest. And while you are sound asleep, Rejuvenation for Body and Mind guides you to your life purpose.

   Listen to the first couple of minutes:

I am really taken with the sleep tape. I've only made it through the whole thing once. Now I say 'deep, deep' a couple of times and I'm out.”   

“Most importantly the relaxation tape helps me get to sleep at night.  I now have an alternative that helps me get out of my nighttime negative thinking. Rejuvenation for Body and Mind really helps."

"I bought the CD, and I listen to it every night before going to sleep. So far, I have not been able to stay awake to hear the complete CD. I don't lay in bed at night worrying about the past , present or future. I have gotten a good night's sleep ever since I got this CD."  



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