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  Free Spirits Onymous E-course

The foundation of the The InnerGuidance Network (IGN) is the awareness that we are spiritual beings having the power of creating glorious human experiences. Life is meant to be purposeful and joyful.

    In his book "Spirits Onymous," Adrianus describes twelve principles and gives practical steps to effectively create a life that is aligned with one's spiritual purpose.  This gentle process will support  you in fully embracing your role as powerful creator--able to attract all you deeply desire: love, abundance, meaning, joy, ...   Since the program gains power when it is done in harmony with others, the InnerGuidance Network provides a free on-line course and an interactive on-line community.
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  Local InnerGuidance Network meetings

The Spirits Onymous 12-step meetings offer a time and place to meet like-minded Spirits with whom you will explore and deepen the 12 principles of Spirits Onymous. Additionally, it provides you with tangible support in clarifying and attaining your life goals. 

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  TransEgo Therapy

TransEgo Therapy or TET is brief spiritual psychotherapy for awakening souls. It's ideal for those among us who face an emotional challenge, such as loneliness, confusion, sadness, stress, anger, loss, a somatic complaint, or who are wondering what to do with their lives. Click here for more information:



Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Workshops and speaking engagements may be requested. Signature workshop topics are:

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