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Shine your light into the world. Join the Shine campaign.  It’s a win-win-win-win situation.  

The campaign is built around this great bumper sticker (4" high x 8.25" wide):




 If you decide to participate, you will make a significant difference:


      The stickers remind you to express your magnificence.

Stick one on your mirror, your planner, and one inside your kitchen cabinet (or sock drawer)!



      Raise the energy around you by encourage family, friends, and complete strangers to shine as well.


      Use the stickers as:

a.   Yes of course …. bumper stickers!

b.   Gifts for your kids, friends, colleagues, clients, or sports team.  They are great morale boosters.



The proceeds support the work of the InnerGuidance Network and fuel the Shine Fund.

At this moment, the Shine Fund supports Hope House.



      You can start your own fundraiser, sell the stickers in your store, or donate the stickers to an organization of your choice.  

      Click here to get info on fundraising/resale.


  ► Order your "It's Time to SHINE" stickers now:

        Rather pay by check?

           Please send check (International Bank Check for outside the USA) to:  

          The InnerGuidance Network

           PO Box 224

           Bethlehem, PA 18016-0224, USA      

  Would you like to donate, and have us distribute the stickers?

 With great appreciation we accept you offer. Thank You!



The Shine Fund supports organizations and individuals who acknowledge greatness in all human beings and make a difference in the world, yet could use a bit of help. Funds can be used for a direct grant/donation or to support the  InnerGuidance Network Outreach group in their work supporting these specific organizations or individuals.

Hope House
Currently, the Shine Fund supports Hope House in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.
Hope House is a nonprofit crisis facility.

May 1, 2009



Dear friend of Hope House:


I trust that you will respond positively to this request. Hope House is a nonprofit short-term psychiatric crisis residence, which provides refuge for the people—when life feels intolerable.


In a homelike setting, Hope House offers around-the-clock crisis counseling, psychiatric care, and referral services to ongoing community support.


The operating costs climb steeply; however, reimbursement rates don't follow suit. This created a significant deficit; hence, my appeal for your support. We’re counting on you.


At Hope House, we firmly believe in the dignity and worth of every human being. Since 1995, we have been supporting people through their crises. Now we need your help to continue this—much needed—service.

Your generous donation is highly appreciated. Thank you. 


Aaik Van Munster, LCSW, BCD

Program Director




“Through your caring guidance, advice, therapy, and genuine concern I am now on my way to  healing. It warms my heart to know that there are people like you in the world.”


“Staff listens 24/7. I didn’t have to wait until a convenient time to speak to someone. When I needed help it was there. They genuinely cared about what I was going through.”

"Staff was fantastic. Thank you so much for all your good help."

"The program is very good and the staff is very professional and helpful.  Thank You Very Much!"


For more information on Hope House:  www.HopeHouse-RHD.org.

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PO Box 224, Bethlehem, PA 18016-0224, USA
Copyright 2009, Adrianus Van Munster, All Rights Reserved