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Dear friend,


Welcome to the free Spirits Onymous E-course. We are delighted that you have joined.



The Spirits Onymous E-Course is based on the books The ClearView Conspiracy and Spirits Onymous, Living a Life Free of Drama: Twelve spiritual principle for creating a purposeful, successful and joyful life.



During the course you will discover:

The fundamental truth about the existence of mankind.

Why the lives of most people are out of sync and how you can get yours in sync.

How you can determine what you came here to do: your Life Goal.

How to align with your Inner Guide and access a source of infinite wisdom.

How to avoid the single greatest mistake people make that ruin their lives.

How you can transform your life and attract what you deeply desire.

Why people get discouraged, while the Universe is responding abundantly to their requests.

How to assist your family and friends to tap into their resilience and wisdom--without them even knowing about it.





To assist you in this delightful process, you may want to order or download this year's copy of the InnerGuidance Network handbook:

2010, The Year You Achieved Your Boldest Goal.



Next week, we will discuss Principle 1: Align with your True Identity.



Today, I would like to introduce you to a powerful method that may dramatically impact the way you experience life. It certainly has mine. It's the number one technique to fight stress, get grounded, and create a sense of well-being.



Do you have any idea what that could be? As a matter of fact, it's so powerful that we will begin every meeting with this. Click here for the answer.



See you next week.

I am Spirit, You are Spirit, All is Spirit and All is Well



Reach Out

Invite friends and family to do the course with you.  You'll make the course multiple times more powerful when you reach out and share your experiences with others.


The 12-step Spirits Onymous E-course is provided to you--free of charge--by The InnerGuidance Network 
The E-course gives the essence of The ClearView Conspiracy and Spirits Onymous.
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